Welcome To The Vike Factor - KBCC UFO Research

When Filing Your Sighting Experience, Please Be Sure To Add As Much Detail About What you Witnessed.

Thank you Very Much.

WITNESS PERSONAL INFORMATION - ALL the witnesses personal information will remain CONFIDENTIAL! Such as email address, names and phone numbers, etc. No matter who it is, your personal contact information will stay with Brian Vike period, and will not be given out to anyone. 
If you have a photo or video footage to send into The Vike Factor/ KBCC UFO Research, you can send them by way of a regular email to b_vike@telus.net. Please fill out the report with the events details
Important Notice: Many folks have had UFO experiences going back many years and these fascinating stories are not being told because the witness might think we only want new reports. Not so, we encourage folks to file there UFO experiences no matter when they took place. If you have had a UFO experience in years past, please feel free to fill out all the details on what you observed. Thank you very much, Brian Vike.
Please file your incident reports on UFO Sightings, Missing Time/Abductions, Ghosts, Crop Circles/Ice Rings and Reports on Sasquatch/Bigfoot And Email
To b_vike@telus.net

Vike Factor/KBCC UFO Research Sighting Report Form:

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